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  Greg Troxel cf4a2bbeea * README.NetBSD: use update-autotools instead of autoreconf 15 years ago
  paul 14c17fd825 2004-11-06 Paul Jakma <> 18 years ago
  paul ddb07e5bf4 2004-09-27 Paul Jakma <> 18 years ago
  paul 72e2d82815 autoreconf doesnt like top_srcdir var. update-autotools needs to -I m4 too 18 years ago
  paul 0fc42949a4 2004-08-19 Paul Jakma <> 18 years ago
  gdt 2990460691 2004-08-17 Greg Troxel <> 18 years ago
  gdt 87efd646ff Add libtool support. 18 years ago
  gdt cf31388906 Use -rf with autom4te.cache. 18 years ago
  paul 8ba85bc071 Remove autom4te.cache to avoid problems with newer auto* tools. 18 years ago
  paul 718e374419 Initial revision 19 years ago