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  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Building and Installing Quagga:
  3. The 'INSTALL' file contains generic instructions on how to use 'configure'
  4. scripts.
  5. For further Quagga specific information on 'configure' and build-time
  6. configuration of the software, please read the Quagga info documentation,
  7. (doc/ To read the info page included with the Quagga sources
  8. without first installing Quagga:
  9. cd doc/
  10. pinfo -r
  11. Assuming you have the user-friendly 'pinfo' info browser installed.
  12. You can also the standard GNU 'info' browser, if you prefer this browser you
  13. have no doubt already spent a lot of time reading its documentation and dont
  14. need to be told how to specify an info file by filename. ;)
  15. The Quagga website should also have recent versions of documentation
  16. available online.
  17. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. Building Quagga from CVS checkouts:
  19. In order to build from CVS, you will need recent versions of several GNU
  20. tools, particularly autoconf, automake, libtool and texinfo. Note that the
  21. CVS snapshots on the Quagga website do not require these tools, everything
  22. is already setup ready to run 'configure', and if you have trouble building
  23. from CVS checkout it is recommended that you try a CVS snapshot instead.
  24. If you must build from plain CVS checkouts, the versions which should work
  25. at least with:
  26. automake: 1.8.5
  27. autoconf: 2.59
  28. libtool: 1.5.6
  29. texinfo: 4.7-4
  30. To create the required files, run either the 'update-autotools' script
  31. provided, or else the 'autoreconf' command supplied with your autoconf
  32. package. After this you may run configure. You will need a recentish version
  33. of GNU Texinfo in order to build doc/, which is not supplied in
  34. CVS, but is supplied in the CVS snapshots on the Quagga website. You will
  35. need to run make to create this file.
  36. Please refer to "Building and Installing Quagga" above for further
  37. instructions.
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------