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Update for git and emphasize asking for good reports.

Greg Troxel 12 years ago
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@@ -2,17 +2,24 @@ This file describes the procedure for reporting Quagga bugs. You are not
 obliged to follow this format, but it would be great help for Quagga developers
 if you report a bug as described below.
+Bugs submitted with woefully incomplete information may be summarily
+closed.  Submitters of bugs against old versions may be asked to
+retest against the latest release.  Submitters may be asked for
+additional information.  Bugs may be closed after 30 days of
+non-response to requests to reconfirm or supply additional
 Report bugs
 Please supply the following information:
-1. Your Quagga version or if it is CVS version then the date you did checkout.
-   Always try to report the bugs on the current CVS version.
+1. Your Quagga version or if it is from git then the  commit reference.
+   Please try to report bugs against git master or the latest release.
 2. Quagga daemons you run e.g. bgpd or ripd and full name of your OS. Any
    specific options you compiled Quagga with. 
 3. Problem description. Copy and paste relative commands and their output to
    describe your network setup e.g. "zebra>show ip route".
    Please, also give your simple network layout and output of relative OS
-   commands (e.g. ifconfig or ip in case of Linux).
+   commands (e.g., ifconfig (BSD) or ip (Linux)).
 4. All Quagga configuration files you use. If you don't want to publish your
    network numbers change 2 middle bytes in IPv4 address to be XXX (e.g.
    192.XXX.XXX.32/24). Similar could be done with IPv6.