Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mathieu Jadin 1db1b9baea bgpd: Fix mistake in NHT of connected IPv6 next-hops preventing route advertisement 2 years ago
  Paul Jakma 5a9f13a4a0 bgpd: Remove change that makes NHT tickle BGP FSM. 3 years ago
  Paul Jakma 3dda6b3ecc bgpd: Rejiggle exported nht function names and consolidate some code 3 years ago
  Lou Berger bb04351973 bgp: restore missing check from original ignore NHT change 3 years ago
  Lou Berger e33545cb9d bgp: fix warning in bgp_nht.c 3 years ago
  Lou Berger 68bfb6190e bgp: ignore NHT when bgpd has never connected zebra 3 years ago
  Paul Jakma 743dd42b3f bgpd: Fix NHT race with Connect leading to test tool issues 3 years ago
  Paul Jakma 19e6c193db bgpd: bgp_nexthop_cache not deleted with peers 3 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt d9ab53ab40 bgpd, zebra: Use next hop tracking for connected routes too 5 years ago
  Pradosh Mohapatra 60cc95921a bgpd, doc, lib, zebra: nexthop-tracking in zebra 4 years ago