Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Chris Hall cddb8112b8 bgpd: fix handling of AS path data 10 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger da88ea82ac bgpd: code cleanup 10 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko 2eb445e1c2 bgpd: work around warning in assegments_parse() 10 years ago
  Vasilis Tsiligiannis 736d440845 bgpd: Delete AS_CONFED_SEQUENCE when prepending an AS_SEQUENCE type segment 11 years ago
  Vasilis Tsiligiannis ca87e1d37b bgpd: Implement BGP confederation error handling (RFC5065, Par. 5) 11 years ago
  Chris Caputo 228da42898 [bgpd] Stability fixes including bugs 397, 492 11 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko 014b670e02 [bgpd] review 32-bit AS-path hotfix for 0.99.12 11 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 393deb9bd6 [cleanup] Convert XMALLOC/memset to XCALLOC 12 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko 10819ecee3 [bgpd] Fixed as-path prepend/exclude ASN handling 11 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko aea339f728 [bgpd] AS4 bugfix by Chris Caputo <> 11 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger ffe11cfb0a [lib] hash compare function arguments ought to be const qualified 12 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko 841f7a57b1 + [bgpd] Added new route-map set statement: "as-path ignore" 12 years ago
  Paul Jakma 0b2aa3a0a8 [bgpd] Merge AS4 support 13 years ago
  Paul Jakma 923de654c8 [bgpd] Fix warnings: hash callbacks should match hash API declarations 13 years ago
  Andrew J. Schorr 93c1749c82 [bgpd] Minor performance improvement patch 13 years ago
  Paul Jakma 2815e61ffb [bgpd] Add RIB reporting commands, show bgp ... statistics 14 years ago
  Paul Jakma 1f742f21a9 [bgpd] aspath_loop_check was broken, fix it and the aspath unit test code. 14 years ago
  Paul Jakma b2518c1e88 [bgpd] CID #4,#5,#9,#10, simplify aspath_print_vty usage 14 years ago
  paul 3fff6ffc69 [bgpd] trivial fix for gcc warning 14 years ago
  paul e8e1946edf [compiler] miscellaneous trivial compiler warning fixes 14 years ago
  paul 8fdc32ab9a [bgpd] add aspath_finish, static resource cleanup function. 14 years ago
  paul 02335429e8 [bgpd] fix some leaks introduced in aspath rewrite. 14 years ago
  paul ad72740e88 [bgp] Fix SEGV if empty path is confed-compared ([quagga-users 5968]) 15 years ago
  paul fe69a505f7 2005-09-10 Paul Jakma <> 15 years ago
  paul 94f2b3923e 2005-06-28 Paul Jakma <> 15 years ago
  hasso 6811845b67 * bgpd.texi: Document new "bgp bestpath as-path confed" command. 15 years ago
  paul fd79ac918b 2004-10-13 Paul Jakma <> 16 years ago
  hasso c9e52be3f4 Compiler warnings fixes. 16 years ago
  paul efa9f83009 change log message fron signed to unsigned decimal 18 years ago
  paul 718e374419 Initial revision 18 years ago