Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stephen Hemminger 393deb9bd6 [cleanup] Convert XMALLOC/memset to XCALLOC 12 years ago
  Paul Jakma 5f56808431 [lib/linklist] Enforce "nodes must have data" invariant more rigorously 12 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko 6ce80bdb25 + fixed bug #418 (changing address on an existing interface doesn't cause existing static routes to be revalidated) 13 years ago
  Paul Jakma c024fd0c76 [lib] list_delete shouldn't duplicate list_delete_all_node 14 years ago
  paul 8cc4198f9f 2005-05-06 Paul Jakma <> 15 years ago
  paul 1eb8ef2584 2005-04-07 Paul Jakma <> 15 years ago
  hasso 52dc7ee65f Remove usage of evil list and listnode typedefs. 16 years ago
  hasso 47ce02a8f1 Revert my "microfix". It was caused by misreading code. Gilad is right as 17 years ago
  gdt 7639803406 note that order of = items is undefined, probably 17 years ago
  gdt 297602162c add comments clarifying the operation of listnode_add_sort 17 years ago
  hasso e90fbabdc6 lib/if.c part from [quagga-dev 552] and lib/inklist.c part from [quagga-dev 17 years ago
  paul 729606fea2 2003-09-24 17 years ago
  paul f2c8065220 Kevin C Miller <> 18 years ago
  paul 718e374419 Initial revision 18 years ago