Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paul Jakma 9e52511518 bgpd/security: debug print of received NOTIFY data can over-read msg array 3 years ago
  Pradosh Mohapatra 60cc95921a bgpd, doc, lib, zebra: nexthop-tracking in zebra 5 years ago
  Lou Berger f53585d59b bgp: add "debug bgp allow-martians" next hops and related code/commands 4 years ago
  Lou Berger 205e6744f2 bgpd: remove HAVE_IPV6 conditionals 5 years ago
  Donald Sharp 0490729cc0 lib, bgpd, tests: Refactor FILTER_X in zebra.h 5 years ago
  David Lamparter 6b0655a251 *: nuke ^L (page feed) 6 years ago
  Leonid Rosenboim 1e0ce7caa6 bgpd: improve logging of invalid BGP Notifications 8 years ago
  Jorge Boncompte [DTI2] ddc943dec3 bgpd, zebra: Fix format for some metric outputs 9 years ago
  Dmitrij Tejblum 4b4e07d2d8 bgpd: don't be confused by "unspecific" subcode in the NOTIFY message. 9 years ago
  David Ward 6e22b9017e bgpd: VTY string fixes for debug commands 10 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger b2d933f828 [bgpd/cleanup] make message lists read only 12 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 7fc626de5f [cleanup] Make command nodes static 12 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko aea339f728 [bgpd] AS4 bugfix by Chris Caputo <> 12 years ago
  Paul Jakma 693b67b2b2 [bgpd] remove unnecessary 0 entries from struct message's 13 years ago
  Paul Jakma 0b2aa3a0a8 [bgpd] Merge AS4 support 13 years ago
  Paul Jakma fb982c25aa [bgpd] Trim memory usage of BGP routes 14 years ago
  Andrew J. Schorr a39275d76d [bgpd] Implement 'debug bgp zebra' to log all messages to and from zebra. 14 years ago
  Paul Jakma ca058a30b1 [bgpd] Fix 0.99 shutdown regression, introduce Clearing and Deleted states 14 years ago
  paul 94f2b3923e 2005-06-28 Paul Jakma <> 16 years ago
  ajs 557865c28e 2004-12-08 Andrew J. Schorr <> 16 years ago
  paul fd79ac918b 2004-10-13 Paul Jakma <> 16 years ago
  paul e01f9cbb87 2004-07-09 Paul Jakma <> 17 years ago
  hasso 3950fda506 Merge bgpd changeset 1185 from Zebra repository by Rivo Nurges. 17 years ago
  hasso 9b87e41cae Update cease codes in bgp_debug.c file as well. Just update to patch from 17 years ago
  gdt 5e4fa1646c 2004-03-16 David Young <> 17 years ago
  paul 718e374419 Initial revision 18 years ago