Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Michael Rossberg ca8ec20b01 ospf6d: Fix for fast OSPF convergence 4 years ago
  David Lamparter 11b4f01355 ospf6d: clear lsa->refresh before clearing LSAs 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt 7cf997226e ospf6d: don't send LSAck on an interface if we've flooded the LSU out that i/f 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt 3b220289a4 ospf6d: handle seqnum wrapping 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt eb82e9ee81 ospf6d: fix neighbor state machine (faster lsdb sync, RFC compliance) 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt c5926a9223 ospf6d: add p2p interface support 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt bf986da797 ospf6d: fix various bugs in installing and flooding LSAs 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt 8551e6dadc ospf6d/ospfd: refactor some common defines 6 years ago
  JR Rivers d8a4e42b7d lib: improve fletcher checksum validation 7 years ago
  Takashi Sogabe 86f72dcba3 Convert ospf6d over to quagga_gettime() wrappers. 10 years ago
  Paul Jakma 6ac29a5107 [trivia] finish off static'ification of ospf6d and ripngd 11 years ago
  paul 1eb8ef2584 2005-04-07 Paul Jakma <> 14 years ago
  hasso c6487d61a9 *.c: Change level of debug messages to LOG_DEBUG. 15 years ago
  gdt 6639a04da2 2004-11-05 Phil Spagnolo <> 15 years ago
  hasso 52dc7ee65f Remove usage of evil list and listnode typedefs. 15 years ago
  hasso 1e05838a4d Merge svn revision 975 from Zebra repository. 15 years ago
  hasso 6861b307d6 Merge svn revision 954 from Zebra cvs. 15 years ago
  hasso ccb59b1104 SVN revisions 935-940 merge from Zebra CVS. 15 years ago
  hasso 3b68735fc3 Merge svn revisions 924 and 925 from Zebra CVS. Also remove useless 15 years ago
  hasso 6452df092b SVN revisions 916-920 from Zebra. ABR support is almost done. 15 years ago
  hasso 3b4cd3a9e8 Update to latest (really :) ospf6d from Zebra repository and some tiny 15 years ago
  hasso 4845437528 Forgot these. 15 years ago