Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christian Franke 7fca43f718 ospf6d: don't access nexthops out of bounds 3 years ago
  Donald Sharp cb9ed1d867 ospf6d: Fix double increment of Sequence Number 4 years ago
  Vipin Kumar 8c075ef01d ospf6d: Fixing a couple of issues with ospf6_route_remove () routine. 4 years ago
  Vipin Kumar f1b9611821 ospf6d: LA (local-address) bit related inter-op fix. 4 years ago
  David Lamparter 3cf4053a9e ospf6d: fix pointer arithmetic warning 5 years ago
  David Lamparter eed3c48d3a *: use void * for printing pointers 5 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt a0edf6740e ospf6d: add SPF logs, statistics, and display of SPF parameters 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt 01879114f7 ospf6d: handle Prefix and Router Options bits correctly 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt e68a67672c ospf6d: add LSA payload to show summary output 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt f41b4a0216 ospf6d: add overload support 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt b81e97a8a7 ospf6d: correct nexthop through directly connected networks 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt 17d003da96 ospf6d: don't suppress empty router LSA 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt c5926a9223 ospf6d: add p2p interface support 6 years ago
  Tom Goff e7a6d80d4f ospf6d: Route locking (memory) cleanup 9 years ago
  Takashi Sogabe 86f72dcba3 Convert ospf6d over to quagga_gettime() wrappers. 10 years ago
  Paul Jakma 6ac29a5107 [trivia] finish off static'ification of ospf6d and ripngd 11 years ago
  Paul Jakma cf1ce250d2 [ospf6d] GNU Zebra #3562: ABR Crash fix, memory fixes, route table debugs 14 years ago
  Paul Jakma cb4b88452e [ospf6d] Import GNU Zebra CVSps#3559: Fix inter-area as-ext bug, cleanup debug 14 years ago
  paul 1eb8ef2584 2005-04-07 Paul Jakma <> 15 years ago
  hasso c6487d61a9 *.c: Change level of debug messages to LOG_DEBUG. 15 years ago
  gdt 1686f93fca add comment about warning of comparison between signed and unsigned 15 years ago
  paul 0c083ee9d8 2004-10-10 Paul Jakma <> 15 years ago
  hasso 52dc7ee65f Remove usage of evil list and listnode typedefs. 15 years ago
  hasso 9428f2dc4e Merge svn revisions 997 and 1000 from Zebra cvs repository. 15 years ago
  hasso 1e05838a4d Merge svn revision 975 from Zebra repository. 15 years ago
  hasso ccb59b1104 SVN revisions 935-940 merge from Zebra CVS. 15 years ago
  hasso 6452df092b SVN revisions 916-920 from Zebra. ABR support is almost done. 15 years ago
  hasso 049207c31d SVN revision 907 from Zebra cvs repository. 15 years ago
  hasso 508e53e2ee Ospf6d merge from Zebra repository with added privs stuff and merged 16 years ago
  paul 718e374419 Initial revision 17 years ago