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  1. This file contains pointers to work done on quagga that is not in the
  2. quagga git repository or quagga bugzilla.
  3. * bug/patch trackers
  4. ** diac24 patchwork instance
  5. David Lamparter <equinox@diac24.net> runs a patchwork instance at
  6. http://patchwork.diac24.net/project/quagga/list/
  7. which contains about 225 patches to quagga. Many of these are
  8. collected in his git repository.
  9. * public git repositories
  10. ** git remote add equinox git://git.spaceboyz.net/equinox/quagga.git/
  11. This repository has topic branches for patches intended for inclusion
  12. in the main quagga tree, named patches/, plus some other branches.
  13. ** git remote add balajig http://github.com/balajig/quagga-next.git
  14. Balaji G has prepared a git repository where a number of patches to
  15. the list have been stored.
  16. ** git remote add mtr http://github.com/tomhenderson/quagga-mtr.git
  17. Tom Henderson of Boeing has created a repository to work on
  18. multi-topology routing support for OSPF. Work on this repository
  19. takes place on the branch mtr, which has a branch point of 0.99.17
  20. * posted patches
  21. ** Boeing
  22. Boeing has posted patches
  23. quagga-0.99.9.ospfv3-addressfamilies.patch
  24. quagga-0.99.9.ospfv3-manetmdr.patch
  25. against 0.99.9 at
  26. http://hipserver.mct.phantomworks.org/ietf/ospf/
  27. Both patches include functional enhancements as well as support for
  28. gcc 2.95.
  29. [TODO: Are any of these obsolete with respect to mtr/mtr?]