1. Zebra OSPF daemon for IPv6 network
  2. 2003/08/18
  3. README for newer code is not yet. General usage should remain
  4. the same. For further usage, see command helps by typing '?'
  5. in vty, and then imagin ! ;p) Previous README contents follows.
  6. Zebra OSPF daemon for IPv6 network
  7. 2001/12/20
  8. Zebra OSPF6d is OSPF version 3 daemon which is specified by
  9. "OSPF for IPv6" (RFC 2740).
  10. *** NOTE ***
  11. Zebra ospf6d is in development yet. It may lack some functionalities,
  12. and may have some bugs. Use the latest version from the anoncvs
  13. repository ( !
  14. This file README is like memo yet, so please feel free to ask
  15. <> by E-mail. Patches will be appriciated.
  16. ospf6d's vty port was default to 2606/tcp.
  17. Use commands below.
  18. VIEW NODE:
  19. show ipv6 ospf6
  20. To see Router-ID, uptime of ospf6d, some statistics.
  21. show ipv6 ospf6 database ...
  22. This command shows LSA database. You can specify
  23. LS-type/LS-ID/Advertising-Router of LSAs. '*' is recognized.
  24. show ipv6 ospf6 interface ...
  25. To see the status of the OSPF interface, and the configuration
  26. like interface costs.
  27. show ipv6 ospf6 neighbor ...
  28. Shows state of neighbors and choosed (Backup) DR on the I/F.
  29. show ipv6 ospf6 route (X::X)
  30. This command shows internal routing table of the ospf6d.
  31. Routes not calculated by OSPFv3 (like connected routes)
  32. are not shown. If Address is specified (X::X), shows the route
  33. that the address matches.
  34. show ipv6 ospf6 route redistribute (X::X)
  35. Shows the routes advertised as AS-External routes by the router
  36. itself. If Address is specified (X::X), shows the route
  37. that the address matches.
  39. interface NAME
  40. To enter INTERFACE NODE
  41. router ospf6 ...
  42. To enter OSPF6 NODE
  44. ipv6 ospf6 cost COST
  45. Sets the interface's output cost. Depends on interface bandwidth by default.
  46. ipv6 ospf6 hello-interval HELLOINTERVAL
  47. Sets the interface's Hello Interval. default 10
  48. ipv6 ospf6 dead-interval DEADINTERVAL
  49. Sets the interface's Router Dead Interval. default 40
  50. ipv6 ospf6 retransmit-interval RETRANSMITINTERVAL
  51. Sets the interface's Rxmt Interval. default 5
  52. ipv6 ospf6 priority PRIORITY
  53. Sets the interface's Router Priority. default 1
  54. ipv6 ospf6 transmit-delay TRANSMITDELAY
  55. Sets the interface's Inf-Trans-Delay. default 1
  56. OSPF6 NODE:
  57. router-id A.B.C.D
  58. Sets the router's Router-ID
  59. interface NAME area AREA
  60. Binds interface to specified Area, and start
  61. sending OSPFv3 packets.
  62. auto-cost reference-bandwidth COST
  63. Sets the reference bandwidth for cost calculations, where this
  64. bandwidth is considered equivalent to an OSPF cost of 1, specified
  65. in Mbits/s. The default is 100Mbit/s (i.e. a link of bandwidth
  66. 100Mbit/s or higher will have a cost of 1. Cost of lower bandwidth
  67. links will be scaled with reference to this cost). This
  68. configuration setting MUST be consistent across all routers within
  69. the OSPF domain.
  70. Sample configuration is in ospf6d.conf.sample.
  71. --
  72. Yasuhiro Ohara <>
  73. Kunihiro Ishiguro <>