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doc: add OSPFv3 homenet to TODO

The homenet OSPFv3 extensions are not only relevant TODO items, but also
suitable for GSoC students.

Signed-off-by: David Lamparter <>
David Lamparter 9 years ago
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@@ -159,6 +159,21 @@ ospf6d:
 	Priority: high
 	State: patches tickling in from Cumulus Networks 2013-03-29 Dinesh Dutt
+[O601*] OSPFv3 autoconfiguration, prefix assignment and sourcedest routing
+	Priority: medium
+	State: work in progress 2013-03-29 Edward Seabrook
+	GSoC-Mentors: David Lamparter
+	OSPFv3 application in the homenet is being designed to use several
+	extensions to the base protocol.  In order of dependency,
+	autoconfiguration, prefix assignment and sourcedest routing should
+	be implemented.
+	This task requires a good level of OSPF understanding plus proper
+	ability to follow IETF discussion about these points.  Also, since work
+	has already started on this, improvements must obviously build on top
+	of that.