Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paul Jakma 7aa9dcef80 Fix most compiler warnings in default GCC build. 6 years ago
  David Lamparter c51443f4aa ospfd: CVE-2013-2236, stack overrun in apiserver 7 years ago
  Balaji.G 837d16ccbe *: use array_size() helper macro 8 years ago
  Paul Jakma 072990e22e ospf: Fix OSPF API and ospf-te LSA refreshers to match recent API change 9 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 393deb9bd6 [cleanup] Convert XMALLOC/memset to XCALLOC 12 years ago
  paul 00c290e02e [c99] change gcc zero-length array to C99 flexible array declaration 15 years ago
  paul 3623814abc 2005-10-11 Paul Jakma <> 15 years ago
  ajs e84cc647f1 2004-12-08 Andrew J. Schorr <> 16 years ago
  ajs 6099b3b569 2004-11-19 Andrew J. Schorr <> 16 years ago
  paul 2d33f15789 Addition of OSPF-API - Amir Guindehi <> 17 years ago