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  Paul Jakma 3affb6c048 HACKING: Update HACKING with anything relevant from pending and prune 6 years ago
  Paul Jakma 543fb49c31 HACKING.pending: Add Quagga-RE details 10 years ago
  Roman Hoog Antink 7e924e11a9 fix typo 11 years ago
  Greg Troxel f3bd05011c Adjust description of tomhenderson repo. 11 years ago
  Greg Troxel 11d3fe9b9a Add MTR repository. 12 years ago
  Greg Troxel cbc64b07c4 Add pointer to Balaji G. git. 12 years ago
  Greg Troxel 515b9424d4 git: add pointers to out-of-tree work 12 years ago