1. # $QuaggaId: $Format:%an, %ai, %h$ $
  2. global configuration commands:
  3. ip multicast-routing Enable IP multicast forwarding
  4. interface configuration commands:
  5. ip igmp Enable IGMP operation
  6. ip igmp join IGMP join multicast group
  7. ip igmp query-interval <1-1800> IGMP host query interval
  8. ip igmp query-max-response-time <1-25> IGMP max query response (seconds)
  9. ip igmp query-max-response-time-dsec <10-250> IGMP max query response (deciseconds)
  10. ip pim ssm Enable PIM SSM operation
  11. verification commands:
  12. show ip igmp interface IGMP interface information
  13. show ip igmp parameters IGMP parameters information
  14. show ip igmp groups IGMP groups information
  15. show ip igmp groups retransmissions IGMP group retransmission
  16. show ip igmp sources IGMP sources information
  17. show ip igmp sources retransmissions IGMP source retransmission
  18. show ip pim address PIM interface address
  19. show ip pim assert PIM interface assert
  20. show ip pim assert-internal PIM interface internal assert state
  21. show ip pim assert-metric PIM interface assert metric
  22. show ip pim assert-winner-metric PIM interface assert winner metric
  23. show ip pim designated-router PIM interface designated router
  24. show ip pim hello PIM interface hello information
  25. show ip pim interface PIM interface information
  26. show ip pim lan-prune-delay PIM neighbors LAN prune delay parameters
  27. show ip pim local-membership PIM interface local-membership
  28. show ip pim jp-override-interval PIM interface J/P override interval
  29. show ip pim join PIM interface join information
  30. show ip pim neighbor PIM neighbor information
  31. show ip pim rpf PIM cached source rpf information
  32. show ip pim secondary PIM neighbor addresses
  33. show ip pim upstream PIM upstream information
  34. show ip pim upstream-join-desired PIM upstream join-desired
  35. show ip pim upstream-rpf PIM upstream source rpf
  36. show ip multicast Multicast global information
  37. show ip mroute IP multicast routing table
  38. show ip mroute count Route and packet count data
  39. show ip route IP routing table
  40. debug commands:
  41. clear ip interfaces Reset interfaces
  42. clear ip igmp interfaces Reset IGMP interfaces
  43. clear ip pim interfaces Reset PIM interfaces
  44. debug igmp IGMP protocol activity
  45. debug pim PIM protocol activity
  46. debug pim zebra ZEBRA protocol activity
  47. show debugging State of each debugging option
  48. test igmp receive report Test reception of IGMPv3 report
  49. test pim receive assert Test reception of PIM assert
  50. test pim receive hello Test reception of PIM hello
  51. test pim receive join Test reception of PIM join
  52. test pim receive prune Test reception of PIM prune
  53. test pim receive upcall Test reception of kernel upcall
  54. statistics commands:
  55. show memory pim PIM memory statistics
  56. -x-