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de-support NetBSD 1.6, and note that FreeBSD 4 is on thin ice.

Update notes on required tool versions Note that autoconf 2.59 is the
standard (even though it's old, 2.60 and 2.61 are pretty recent).  For
others, pick releases that are at least 1.5 years old.

Note that GNU awk is required.

Replace update-autotools reference with

(no changelog, doc change only, per GNU coding standards)
Greg Troxel 14 years ago
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@@ -22,13 +22,12 @@ such systems "-current" versions.  (Note that considering it a bug is
 not a guarantee of support, merely "we agree that it is broken".)
   Dragonfly ?
-  FreeBSD 4.x
+  FreeBSD 4.x	[In 2007, this is getting tenous.]
   FreeBSD 5.x
   FreeBSD 6.x
   Linux [kernel/distribution information needed]
-  NetBSD 1.6.x
-  NetBSD 2.x
+  NetBSD 2.x	[Note texinfo 4.6  in base system]
   NetBSD 3.x
   NetBSD 4.x
@@ -61,15 +60,17 @@ everything is already setup ready to run 'configure'.  If you have trouble
 building from CVS checkout it is recommended that you try a CVS snapshot
-If you are building from plain CVS checkouts, the versions which
-should work at least with:
+We declare that the following versions should work for building from
+CVS checkouts.  Earlier versions may work, but failure to do so is not
+a bug.  Required versions can be moved earlier if no problems, or
+later after a judgement that a system without a higher version is
+deficient is made.
-	automake:	1.8.5
-	autoconf:	2.59
-	libtool:	1.5.6
-	texinfo:	4.7
-	GNU AWK:	3.1 [XXX is GNU version really needed?  BSD?]
-	texinfo		4.7
+	automake:	1.9.6 (released 2005-07-10)
+	autoconf:	2.59 (2.60 on 2006-06-26 is too recent to require)
+	libtool:	1.5.22 (released 2005-12-18)
+	texinfo:	4.7 (released 2004-04-10; 4.8 is not yet common)
+	GNU AWK:	3.1.5 (released 2005-08-12)
 Becuase some systems provide texinfo 4.6 (4.7 is new), is
 checked in so that texinfo will generally not be invoked.  When
@@ -82,9 +83,8 @@ you will need the convert utility, from the ImageMagick toolset installed,
 and epstopdf from the TeTeX suite.
 To create the required autotools files (, configure, etc.),
-run either the 'update-autotools' script provided, or else the
-'autoreconf -i' command supplied with your autoconf package.  After this
-you may run configure.
+run "./".  After this you may run configure as for a
+snapshot or release.
 Please refer to "Building and Installing Quagga" above for further
@@ -96,10 +96,10 @@ The general goal is to use a modern baseline of tools, while not
 imposing pain on those tracking stable distributions.  The notes below
 explain what versions are present in various environments.
-NetBSD 1.6.2 and 2.0 provide texinfo 4.6.
-NetBSD 2.99.15 provides texinfo 4.7 (so NetBSD 3 will as well).
-NetBSD pkgsrc provides automake 1.9.1 autoconf 2.59 libtool 1.5.6
-NetBSD pgksrc provides texinfo 4.7 (devel/gtexinfo)
+NetBSD 1.6 and 2 provide texinfo 4.6.  This is now considered old.
+NetBSD 3 and 4 provide texinfo 4.7.
+Fedora Core ? provides autoconf 2.59.
 OpenBSD 3.6 provides texinfo 4.2.
 OpenBSD [3.6] ports provides automake 1.4-p6 autoconf 2.5.9 libtool 1.5.8