Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Vincent Bernat fd5006896f ospf6d: add "auto-cost reference-bandwidth" command 7 years ago
  Vincent Bernat c19543b223 ospf6d: compute interface cost from its bandwidth 7 years ago
  David Lamparter 424cc3bd48 ospf6d: fix interface_down() stopping hellos 6 years ago
  Christian Franke b13c1d9299 ospf6d: handle missing link local address more gracefully 7 years ago
  Christian Franke d9628728e0 ospf6d: improve ordered shutdown 7 years ago
  Christian Franke 37531a7ec3 ospf6d: clear DR info on interface_down 7 years ago
  Christian Franke 7d4aa1d57d ospf6d: don't run DR election early on "ipv6 ospf6 priority" 7 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt ba960d5ae4 ospf6d: fix integrated config 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt a0edf6740e ospf6d: add SPF logs, statistics, and display of SPF parameters 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt e7ad6b20d7 ospf6d: fix linkdown handling 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt c5926a9223 ospf6d: add p2p interface support 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt 3810e06eeb ospf6d: schedule SPF to run on events rather than directly on each event. 6 years ago
  Dinesh Dutt 8551e6dadc ospf6d/ospfd: refactor some common defines 6 years ago
  Vincent Bernat bf836661ef ospf6d: add SNMP notifications/traps support 7 years ago
  Vincent Bernat 3bc4f84efe ospf6d: add SNMP implementation of ospfv3IfTable 7 years ago
  Vyacheslav Trushkin b51a3a3150 ospf6d: remove defaults from iface config (BZ#550) 8 years ago
  Vyacheslav Trushkin 9a9446eabb ospf6d: justify multicast group management 8 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko ea4021984f ospf6d: spelling 8 years ago
  Dmitrij Tejblum d42306d98f ospf6d: copy "mtu-ignore" option from ospfd 9 years ago
  David Ward 2470e99e82 ospf6d: Fix crash when '[no] ipv6 ospf6 advertise prefix-list' is in startup-config 10 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger e580216e1b ospf6d: remove dead code 10 years ago
  Takashi Sogabe 86f72dcba3 Convert ospf6d over to quagga_gettime() wrappers. 10 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 7fc626de5f [cleanup] Make command nodes static 11 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 393deb9bd6 [cleanup] Convert XMALLOC/memset to XCALLOC 11 years ago
  Paul Jakma 6ac29a5107 [trivia] finish off static'ification of ospf6d and ripngd 11 years ago
  Paul Jakma cf1ce250d2 [ospf6d] GNU Zebra #3562: ABR Crash fix, memory fixes, route table debugs 14 years ago
  hasso 3e834b122b * ospf6_interface.c: fix the way inactivity_timer is called. Because 14 years ago
  paul 1eb8ef2584 2005-04-07 Paul Jakma <> 15 years ago
  ajs e4319de388 2005-04-02 Andrew J. Schorr <> 15 years ago
  hasso c6487d61a9 *.c: Change level of debug messages to LOG_DEBUG. 15 years ago