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doc: older versions of texinfo seem to be sensitive to location of unmacro

* bgpd.texi: The unmacro of mprec seems to be disliked by older texinfos.
  Moving it to after the section fixes it. Even easier, just don't undef the
Paul Jakma 6 years ago
1 changed files with 0 additions and 3 deletions
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@@ -302,9 +302,6 @@ which case the set has a partial order.  Otherwise, if there is an order,
 all the objects have a distinct place in the order and the set has a total
 order.}) and that A would be preferred to C.
-@c No longer need the precedes character definition
-@unmacro mprec
 However, when MED is involved this need not be the case.  With MED it is
 possible that C is actually preferred over A.  So A is preferred to B, B is
 preferred to C, but C is preferred to A.  This can be true even where BGP