Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lou Berger d83b8d6d73 lib: add AF_ETHERNET/AFI_ETHER 5 years ago
  Lou Berger 2daf7f3a8d lib: add SAFI_ENCAP type, safi2str prefix utility 5 years ago
  Christian Franke acf9865f7f isisd: add support to import routes from other protocols 5 years ago
  Timo Teräs 41eb9a4305 lib: make prefix2str simpler to use, and use it in zclient 6 years ago
  Timo Teräs c1c69e43cd lib: allow caller to provide prefix storage in sockunion2hostprefix 6 years ago
  David Lamparter ec38711852 lib: fix "sockunion: add hash function" for BSD (9196caf) 6 years ago
  Pradosh Mohapatra b4b359a265 ospfd: For an ABR, ensure the right LSID is MaxAge'd 7 years ago
  David Lamparter f7bf41534e zebra: apply syntactic sugar to rib_dump() 8 years ago
  Pradosh Mohapatra 6ee06fa9ed bgpd: bgpd-set-v4-nexthop-for-v6-peering.patch 7 years ago
  Paul Jakma f63f06da2e general: remove inline qualifiers and move in-header functions to objects 10 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko 733cd9e579 bgpd: justify checks for IPv4 class D/E 9 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko 21f569e37d lib: make masklen2ip6() safer and faster 10 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko 9663386f16 lib: make masklen2ip() safer and faster 10 years ago
  David Lamparter 17e52061ba lib: prefix2sockunion, prefix_common_bits helper functions 11 years ago
  Denis Ovsienko bc3443ebf0 bgpd: improve NEXT_HOP attribute checks (BZ#680) 10 years ago
  Michael Lambert 4c9641ba4d bgpd, lib: adopt afi_t and safi_t in several places 11 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 813f6a0064 ospf6d: fix warnings from recent prefix bit commit 11 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 1352ef32d7 lib: move check_bit into prefix common code 11 years ago
  Paul Jakma 6dc686a29e [zebra] Bug #351: Don't redistribute routes to ipv4 link-local prefixes 14 years ago
  Andrew J. Schorr e4529636b7 [PtP over ethernet] New peer flag allows much more addressing flexibility 15 years ago
  paul 8cc4198f9f 2005-05-06 Paul Jakma <> 16 years ago
  hasso 3a2ce6a14e * prefix.[hc]: Pass argument to the inet6_ntoa by value making it more 16 years ago
  hasso 5920990fec * lib/prefix.[hc]: inet6_ntoa utility function copied from 16 years ago
  hasso 3fb9cd6ef4 OK. Here it is - PtP patch from Andrew J. Schorr. No problems with ospfd, 17 years ago
  hasso b04c699ecf First small part of lib cleanup. Mainly "constification" of arguments and 17 years ago
  gdt 9d24baaa3d Explain the dual use of struct prefix for CIDR prefixes and 17 years ago
  paul 718e374419 Initial revision 19 years ago