Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paul Jakma 96d1060a70 *: Widen width of Zserv routing tag field. 5 years ago
  Piotr Chytła eefddcc78a bgpd, lib, ospfd, zebra: Add ability to read/write tag value 5 years ago
  Pradosh Mohapatra 60cc95921a bgpd, doc, lib, zebra: nexthop-tracking in zebra 5 years ago
  Olivier Dugeon ae51c9d510 lib: Add new if_link_params structure 5 years ago
  Paul Jakma 9099f9b2a6 *: use an ifindex_t type, defined in lib/if.h, for ifindex values 5 years ago
  Timo Teräs b11f3b54c8 zebra: implement per-route mtu handling 5 years ago
  Donald Sharp 7125293d65 lib: zclient.c remove extern struct thread_master * 6 years ago
  Nicolas Dichtel 794c4735f8 bgpd/pimd: fix zAPI parsing 6 years ago
  Feng Lu c99f3481a5 *: add VRF ID in the API message header 7 years ago
  David Lamparter fd8f6ebb4c lib: use const consistently for zserv path 6 years ago
  Everton Marques 1a9352a748 zclient: Revert lib export of zclient_socket()/zclient_socket_un(). 7 years ago
  Everton Marques 1f298949be pimd: -z command-line switch to specify zebra socket path. 7 years ago
  Everton Marques f62a19cc28 zebra: Export zclient_socket_un(). 7 years ago
  Everton Marques ff57d3653e pimd: Fixes to build against current quagga. 7 years ago
  David Lamparter 8d79efddb9 lib: bump ZSERV_VERSION to 2 9 years ago
  Paul Jakma 5734509c05 babeld: Initial import, for Babel routing protocol. 9 years ago
  G.Balaji c7ec179a95 bgpd: IPv6 MP-BGP Routes addition and deletion 9 years ago
  G.Balaji 5a616c08ce bgpd: IPv4 MP-BGP Routes addition and deletion 9 years ago
  Vyacheslav Trushkin b51146856e quagga: option "-z" ("--socket <path>") added 9 years ago
  Chris Caputo 228da42898 [bgpd] Stability fixes including bugs 397, 492 12 years ago
  paul d211086aef [lib/zclient] Export zclient_create_header 15 years ago
  paul c1b9800a60 [zserv] Extend Zserv header with version information and marker field 15 years ago
  paul 8cc4198f9f 2005-05-06 Paul Jakma <> 16 years ago
  ajs 634f9ea20f 2005-04-11 Andrew J. Schorr <> 16 years ago
  hasso 8c328f1106 Number of warnings is down to 3 again in lib directory. A lot of const's 17 years ago
  hasso 18a6dce6f8 Common router id. 17 years ago
  paul 0a58935967 2004-05-08 Paul Jakma <> 17 years ago
  paul 718e374419 Initial revision 19 years ago