Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matthieu Boutier df2ef24fb7 lib: Make distribute.c accepts both v4 and v6. 7 years ago
  Matthieu Boutier 543e791be9 ripngd: code simplification for redistribution. 7 years ago
  Paul Jakma 9099f9b2a6 *: use an ifindex_t type, defined in lib/if.h, for ifindex values 5 years ago
  Donald Sharp f31bab4fbf Quagga: Fix code to use srandom/random 6 years ago
  Feng Lu 72855b16b7 ripngd: allow to enable/disable the ECMP feature 6 years ago
  Feng Lu e97c31aafc ripngd: add ECMP support 6 years ago
  David Lamparter 6ed810d986 *: fix more initialisers (for BSD) 6 years ago
  David Lamparter ab90fc04a5 *: add/cleanup initialisers 6 years ago
  David Lamparter 86a82e99aa zebra, ripngd: remove ::/64 special-casing 7 years ago
  David Lamparter 6d6df30386 build: remove INRIA, NRL and MUSICA IPv6 quirks 7 years ago
  David Lamparter 6b0655a251 *: nuke ^L (page feed) 7 years ago
  Lu Feng 7b3b98ae3e ripd & ripngd: avoid the zero interface metric 7 years ago
  Ulrich Weber 6989880ad7 ripngd: limit max of "timers basic" to 65535 as documented 10 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 6d0732c8ab IPv6 transport class suppport 10 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 5eb9d11bf6 ripngd: compiler warnings cleanup 12 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 7fc626de5f [cleanup] Make command nodes static 13 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 393deb9bd6 [cleanup] Convert XMALLOC/memset to XCALLOC 13 years ago
  Paul Jakma 6ac29a5107 [trivia] finish off static'ification of ospf6d and ripngd 13 years ago
  Andrew J. Schorr 33672eddf1 [ripd, ripngd] Remove useless code in rip_vty_out_uptime function 14 years ago
  Vincent Jardin 6dfa827b7b Fix the display of some timers. (show ipv6 ripng and show ipv6 ripng status) 14 years ago
  ajs f52d13cb2e 2005-10-01 Andrew J. Schorr <> 16 years ago
  hasso deba35508e * ripng_zebra.c, ripngd.[ch]: Pass metric info to the zebra daemon. 16 years ago
  hasso 3a2ce6a14e * prefix.[hc]: Pass argument to the inet6_ntoa by value making it more 16 years ago
  paul 1eb8ef2584 2005-04-07 Paul Jakma <> 16 years ago
  hasso 5920990fec * lib/prefix.[hc]: inet6_ntoa utility function copied from 16 years ago
  ajs b99760ab51 2005-01-04 Andrew J. Schorr <> 17 years ago
  ajs c610681284 2004-12-08 Andrew J. Schorr <> 17 years ago
  ajs 6099b3b569 2004-11-19 Andrew J. Schorr <> 17 years ago
  hasso 98b718a9d2 Sync with changes in lib. Make more strings const. 17 years ago
  hasso 7a1d583c02 Only warning left is the known lvalue problem in ripng_nexthop.c. 17 years ago