Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paul Jakma de58bdb9cd build: remove werror from for now 3 years ago
  David Lamparter cfb1fae25f zebra: stack overrun in IPv6 RA receive code (CVE-2016-1245) 3 years ago
  Christian Franke ef9bc88981 isisd: Fix size of malloc 3 years ago
  Christian Franke 985823ff91 isisd: fix an error that was probably a result of copypasting 3 years ago
  Christian Franke 8548973ace ospf6d: fix off-by-one on display of spf reasons 3 years ago
  Christian Franke 7fca43f718 ospf6d: don't access nexthops out of bounds 3 years ago
  Christian Franke 0d8b32a5ee bgpd: fix off-by-one in attribute flags handling 3 years ago
  Lou Berger bb04351973 bgp: restore missing check from original ignore NHT change 3 years ago
  Lou Berger e33545cb9d bgp: fix warning in bgp_nht.c 3 years ago
  Lou Berger 68bfb6190e bgp: ignore NHT when bgpd has never connected zebra 3 years ago
  Paul Jakma 743dd42b3f bgpd: Fix NHT race with Connect leading to test tool issues 3 years ago
  Christian Franke af177b245e isisd: warn if there is an MTU issue on circuits 3 years ago
  David Lamparter 4c7d7173ba isisd: fold up isis_circuit_is_type_set() 3 years ago
  David Lamparter 1187e25191 isisd: fix is_type_set 3 years ago
  Christian Franke a798abbe65 isisd: fix network-type configuration 3 years ago
  David Lamparter 5a1a087bae isisd: fix isis_circuit_af_set() on fresh circuit 3 years ago
  David Lamparter 515812ddbb isisd: fix isis_circuit_create() 3 years ago
  David Lamparter f263413f76 isisd: drop unused per-type metric values 3 years ago
  Christian Franke 68845c19e4 isisd: API: area (L1), domain (L2) passwords 3 years ago
  Christian Franke 4570ca47e1 isisd: API: timers (LSP, SPF) 3 years ago
  Christian Franke 304c7dac53 isisd: API: LSP-MTU & area level 3 years ago
  David Lamparter b5d2f5f508 isisd: API: timers (IIH, CSNP, PSNP) 3 years ago
  Christian Franke f5fbfb26e9 isisd: API: circuit password 3 years ago
  Christian Franke ccd485d17b isisd: API: basic area config 3 years ago
  David Lamparter 3732cba030 isisd: API: basic circuit config 3 years ago
  Paul Jakma f5603ccd01 isisd: cleanup isis_circuit_lookup, errant from TE changes? 3 years ago
  Evgeny Uskov b4e0119852 bgpd: Fix buffer overflow error in bgp_dump_routes_func 4 years ago
  Lou Berger 810ab34c56 bgp: bgp_nexthop init/free AFI_ETHER related NH tables 3 years ago
  Paul Jakma 19e6c193db bgpd: bgp_nexthop_cache not deleted with peers 3 years ago
  Lou Berger c365b53462 bgpd: Remove unused and leaking code 3 years ago