Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christian Franke 68845c19e4 isisd: API: area (L1), domain (L2) passwords 4 years ago
  Christian Franke 4570ca47e1 isisd: API: timers (LSP, SPF) 4 years ago
  Christian Franke 304c7dac53 isisd: API: LSP-MTU & area level 4 years ago
  Christian Franke ccd485d17b isisd: API: basic area config 4 years ago
  David Lamparter 3732cba030 isisd: API: basic circuit config 4 years ago
  Olivier Dugeon 4f593574c4 isisd: Add support of Traffic Engineering 4 years ago
  Christian Franke acf9865f7f isisd: add support to import routes from other protocols 4 years ago
  Christian Franke 61010c33fd isisd: add a slight delay to lsp_regenerate_schedule 4 years ago
  Christian Franke 80a8f72654 isisd: add a debug mode that traces LSP construction 4 years ago
  Christian Franke f1fc1db703 isisd: allow to adjust lsp-mtu 4 years ago
  Amritha Nambiar c8ee940cc6 isisd: Attached-bit in LSP header 5 years ago
  Josh Bailey 3f045a0881 isisd: add Google's changes to IS-IS 8 years ago
  hasso d3d7474ba9 * isis_dynh.c, isisd.h: Implement dynamic hostname cache cleanup. 15 years ago
  hasso fac1f7cc8e * isis_spf.c: Changing cost from uint16_t to uint32_t. Unset 15 years ago
  hasso 2984d26eb0 * isisd.[ch]: Introduce oldmetric flag for area and transition 15 years ago
  hasso f1082d1934 * isis_lsp.h: Added backpointer to the area from LSP. For now it's used 15 years ago
  hasso c89c05dd04 * *.c: Try to be less verbose by default (without any debug options 15 years ago
  hasso f695b01ff8 * Add --enable-isis-topology to enable isisd topology 15 years ago
  hasso f90a5f6f1a Sync isisd with changes in lib. 16 years ago
  hasso f390d2c783 Indentation only. No any functional changes. 16 years ago
  jardin 9e867fe663 Merge isisd into the Quagga's framework: 16 years ago
  jardin eb5d44eb8d Initial revision 16 years ago